33. Bell Bagel Assembly

Ready-to-use parametric bell bagel assembly. It generates the bell and the bagel parts.

_images/bell_bagel_assembly_part_example.png _images/bell_bagel_assembly_3d.png

To get an overview of the possible bell_bagel_assembly designs that can be generated by bell_bagel_assembly(), run:

> python bell_bagel_assembly.py --run_self_test

33.1. Bell-Bagel-Assembly Parameters

The bell_bagel_assembly parameters are directly inherited from the Bell Design parameters and the Bagel Design parameters.

33.2. Bell-Bagel-Assembly Parameter Dependency

33.2.1. axle_internal_diameter

The bell design and the bagel design have both the axle_internal_diameter parameter, respectly called axle_internal_diameter and bagel_axle_internal_diameter. With ideal conditions, these two parameters get the same value. But you might want to but slightly different values to adjust the fit of the middle_bagel into the bell axle internal hole.