12. Cnc25D Designs

12.1. Cnc25D design introduction

In addition to the Cnc25D API functions, the Cnc25D Python package includes also several parametric designs. The design parameters are called constraints and are set via a dictionary. Most of the constraints are not mandatory and if you don’t set some constraints, their default values are used. Use the files provided by the cnc25d_example_generator.py as template to generate one of the Cnc25D designs. Depending on the constraints output_file_basename and return_type, you can generate .dxf, .svg or .brep files or include the Cnc25D Design- as *Part-object in your FreeCAD macro. For more information about how to use the Cnc25D designs read the section Cnc25D Design Details.

12.3. Cnc25D design overview

12.3.1. Box_wood_frame

The Box Wood Frame Design is a piece of furniture. Its particularity is that its top-shape and its bottom-shape are complementary. So, you can pile-up your boxes.


12.3.2. Gear_profile

The Gear Profile Function generates the gear-profile outline. You can also simulate this outline with a second gear-profile to make sure it works as you wish it. The gear-profile itself is not a 3D part but a simple outline. You can use this outline to create a complete 3D part.


12.3.3. Gearwheel

The Gearwheel Design is a complete gearwheel part (a.k.a. spur). You can specify the number of gear-teeth, the number of legs, the size of the axle and much more.


12.3.4. Gearring

The Gearring Design is a complete gearring part (a.k.a. annulus). You can use it to create your epicyclic gear system.


12.3.5. Gearbar

The Gearbar Design is a complete rack part.


12.3.6. Split_gearwheel

The Split-gearwheel Design generates several 3D parts that can be assembled to create a complete gearwheel. The split gearwheel lets you make large gearwheel by making smaller sub parts and then assembling them.


12.3.7. Epicyclic_gearing

The Epicyclic Gearing Design is a complete epicyclic gearing system. You can use it to increase the torque (and decreasing the rotation speed).


12.3.8. Axle_lid

The Axle Lid Design is a axle-lid design kit. You can use it to complete the epicyclic_gearing design.


12.3.9. Motor_lid

The Motor Lid Design is an extension of the axle-lid design kit to mount an electrical motor. You can use it to complete the epicyclic_gearing design.


12.3.10. Bell

The Bell Design is the extremity of a gimbal system. You can complete is with a bagel and a cross_cube to get a complete gimbal system.


12.3.11. Bagel

The Bagel Design is the axle-guidance of the bell piece.


12.3.12. Bell_bagel_assembly

The Bell Bagel Assembly is the assembly of a bell piece and two bagels.


12.3.13. Crest

The Crest Design is an optional part for the cross_cube piece.


12.3.14. Cross_cube

The Cross_Cube Design is the two-axle-join of a gimbal system.


12.3.15. Gimbal

The Gimbal Design is a mechanism with two angles as degree of freedom.