35. Cross_Cube Design

Ready-to-use parametric cross_cube design. It is a cross axle holder for gimbal.

_images/cross_cube_part_example.png _images/cross_cube_3d.png _images/cross_cube_bare_3d.png

To get an overview of the possible cross_cube designs that can be generated by cross_cube(), run:

> python cross_cube.py --run_self_test

35.1. Cross_Cube Parts and Parameters

The cross_cube piece is composed out of the following flat parts:

  • face_A1
  • face_A2
  • face_B1
  • face_B2
  • top
_images/cross_cube_main_parameters.png _images/crest_cross_cube_assembly.png _images/cross_cube_face_A_parameters.png _images/cross_cube_face_B_parameters.png _images/cross_cube_top_parameters.png _images/cross_cube_face_hollow_parameters.png _images/cross_cube_top_hollow_parameters.png _images/cross_cube_axle_parameters.png

35.2. Cross_Cube Parameter Dependency

35.2.1. cross_cube_extra_cut_thickness

The cross_cube_extra_cut_thickness parameter can be used to compensate the manufacturing process or to check the 3D assembly with FreeCAD. The default value is 0.0.