36. Gimbal Design

Ready-to-use parametric gimbal design. It is a mechanism with two degrees of freedom, that let’s adjusting the roll-pitch orientation.

_images/gimbal_part_example.png _images/gimbal_3d.png _images/gimbal_with_crest_3d.png

To get an overview of the possible gimbal designs that can be generated by gimbal(), run:

> python gimbal.py --run_self_test

36.1. Gimbal Parameters

The gimbal mechanism is composed by two bell_bagel_assembly and one cross_cube with crests.


The gimbal parameters are inherited from Cross_Cube Design and Bell Bagel Assembly. In addition to the cross_cube parameters and bell_bagel parameters, you have the two roll-pitch angles.

_images/roll_pitch_angles.png _images/gimbal_orientation.png

36.2. Gimbal Construction

36.2.1. Material

The bagels and the cross_cube are done with an harder material than the bell.

36.2.2. Assembly order

  • make the cross_cube
  • make the bell without the bagels
  • make the motors
  • place the cross_cube into the bell-leg-axle-hole
  • mount the bagels
  • mount the motors