29. Motor Lid Design

Ready-to-use parametric motor_lid assembly. This assembly aims at holding the gear system between an electric motor and the epicyclic-gearing. The motor_lid is an assembly of several parts:

  • holder-A (a.k.a. annulus-holder)
  • holder-B (a.k.a. motor-holder or axle-holder)
  • holder-C
_images/motor_lid_assembly.png _images/motor_lid_angle_parameters.png _images/motor_lid_3d.png

To get an overview of the possible motor_lid designs that can be generated by motor_lid(), run:

> python mostor_lid.py --run_self_test

29.1. Motor-lid Parameter List

The parameter relative to the external outline are inherit from the Gearring Design and Axle Lid Design.

_images/motor_lid_holder_A_parameters.png _images/motor_lid_holder_B_parameters.png _images/motor_lid_holder_C_parameters.png