38. Planet_Carrier Design

Ready-to-use parametric planet_carrier design. It is composed of the rear and the front planet_carrier. It is used by the Low_torque_transmission Design and High_torque_transmission Design.

To get an overview of the possible planet_carrier designs that can be generated by planet_carrier(), run:

> python planet_carrier.py --run_self_test

38.1. Planet_Carrier Parameters

38.1.1. Overview

The planet_carrier is composed of the following parts:

  • planet_carrier_rear
  • planet_carrier_front

The planet_carrier_rear is the fusion of the rear plate the the middle bits. The planet_carrier_front is the simple plate that can be fused with a sun-gear in a future design.

38.1.2. Diameters

_images/planet_carrier_rear.png _images/planet_carrier_middle.png _images/planet_carrier_front.png

38.1.3. z-direction parameters

The parameters related to the extrusion size in the z-direction:


38.2. Planet_Carrier Parameter Dependency

38.2.1. Diameters

  • planet_center_circle_diameter
  • planet_carrier_external_diameter
  • planet_carrier_internal_diameter